How to find the Best Canada Immigration Consultants in India?

How to find the Best Canada Immigration Consultants in India?

Often called an immigrants paradise, Canada took the world by surprise by announcing its annual immigrant target 2022-24, which promises to invite over one million new permanent residents in the next three years. Its welcoming communities, stable economy and uncomplicated immigration process make Canada an ideal destination for you to come and settle down permanently. However, Canadian immigration-related frauds and scams have always been in the spotlight. Scammers send random emails, claim to be authorized and ask for a fee way ahead of time. Thus, if you are planning to apply for a Canada PR visa from India, you must safeguard yourself from such scammers and frauds. We highly recommend you go through the below-mentioned tips before hiring the best immigration consultants in India.

  1. Check if an individual is licensed or not

You must confirm whether the consultant or the advisor is licensed and is a member of the CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants) or not. In the case of Lawyers or notaries, a person has to be a member of a Canadian territorial or provincial law society or the Chambre des notaries du Qubec. You should not consider using their immigration advisory services if they are not regulated members.

  1. Clearly understand the service cost and other terms and conditions

Always calculate the total cost involved and understand the payment structure well in advance. In addition, you must ensure that you get a written contract or agreement that clearly outlines the fees and is duly signed. Never rely on mere verbal agreements with immigration consultantsfor any dealings.

  1. Look for authentic contact details

A reputable immigration consultancy company will never use an unofficial email address. We recommend everyone to check the same before opening it as it may lead a person to malware or hackers and may put personal and private information at greater risk. authenticThe address will always have a link to the maid domain if you get a legitimate email. Thus, always be careful while dealing.

  1. Odd payment requests

An authentic company or person will never ask you to process the application and related payments via an unofficial payment gateway. Companies have an official system for payment transfer and communicate with the clients about the entire registration process in advance. Any information discussed or shared regarding Canada visa application is done telephonically or via email with registered consultants. If any agency sends you a payment link and asks you to make payment via any chat group, etc., then always check that the payment link is linked to their official domain, and the payment will be made safely via their secure online payment page.

  1. Carefully examine the immigration website

There are a lot of private websites that claim to offer citizenship and immigration services. A few promote legitimate consultancy services for which you are required to make a payment. But, at the same time, a few make false promises to take money from you or steal your personal information. A website could scam you if they ask you to pay to access immigration application forms. Always remember that the IRCC charges fees only for application processing; all the documents and guides are free.

  1. Check for false job promises

Many advisors or consultants offer special immigration deals and sometimes guarantee you an easy entry into Canada, along with high-paying jobs and faster visa processing. Never believe them, as the final decision of visa approval always relies on the IRCC or Provincial government.

  1. Be careful with sharing information

A person can be a fraud if they ask you to provide your personal information, deposit money or share financial details before starting the application process. Therefore, you must always ask for copies of any documents you have signed or your consultant makes especially for you. Also, you must get a signed receipt for payment from your end.

  1. Always use a trusted immigration advisory company

Navigating through the immigration system of Canada can be complicated, especially when you are dealing with added processes. Services offered by Visas Avenue- One of the Best Immigration Consultants in India At Visas Avenue, we suggest all our clients to check for our legitimacy first with the Canadian immigration authority and ensure that we are 100% reliable to provide them Canada immigration services. Being a popular immigration consultancy company in Delhi and Pan India, we offer the following services: Best Immigration Consultants in India

Benefits of hiring Canadian immigration consultant

An immigration consultant is a person who knows about the intricacies involved in the Canadian immigrationprocess and can properly guide you about the essential rules, guidelines and protocols. It is indeed an excellent decision to hire one, as an immigration consultant can:

  • Help you in choosing a suitable visa option
  • Help you prepare visa application
  • Give you right advice and guidance about possible errors and how to avoid those
  • Help you prepare your documents
  • Help you avoid inaccuracies and incompleteness in your application
  • Help you stay updated with the latest changes in the Canadian immigration process and policies

Please note,any immigration consultant cannot at any point fast-track the application processing time, influence the decision or guarantee you a visa approval.

What makes Visas Avenue one of the best immigration consultants in India?

Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi

What are the benefits of migrating to Canada from India?

canada immigration

  1. Right to Live, Work anywhere in Canada

Ranked among the world's top countries to live and work, Canada is known for its cultural and economic influence, entrepreneurship, and quality of life. Upon getting a Canadian PR, you get a right to live in any province or territory and work for any employer.

  1. Bring your family to Canada

You can include your family members like spouse or common-law partner and dependent children in your PR application so that they can move to Canada and live, study and workanywhere in Canada upon becoming permanent residents. Also, you can sponsor them and other relatives like parents and grandparents, cousins, uncle and aunt, etc., for Canada PR if you are a Canadian PR visa holder or citizen aged 18 years or above.

  1. Avail free public education for minor children

The Canadian government provide free public education up to Grade 12 for all minor children of permanent resident of Canada. Also, permanent residents' tuition fees are pretty low if they want to pursue a university education.

  1. Access to Universal healthcare facilities

The Canadian government also provide universal healthcare facilities to all its permanent residents and citizens. The medical care is free and the prescription cost is paid via taxes. Also, you can apply for public health insurance as well.

  1. Avail social benefits

As a PR holder in Canada, you get a lot of social security benefits like tax rebates, retirement payments, disability benefits, etc. social benefits

  1. Apply for Canadian citizenship

Once you become a permanent resident of Canada and spend 1,095 days, i.e. three years there physically out of five years, you become eligible to apply for citizenship in Canada.

  1. Freedom to set up new business

As permanent residents of Canada, you can also start your own business, invest in any franchise or start and partnership. Conclusion To conclude, we would like to say that Visas Avenue is undoubtedly one of the Best Immigration Consultants in India. With eight branches across India, we assist prospective individuals, and families live their Canadian immigration dreams. For assistance, feel free to call us on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or email us at