How to enhance your CRS score to get Canadian PR invitation via Express Entry?

How to enhance your CRS score to get Canadian PR invitation via Express Entry?

Waiting for ITA (invitation to apply) for Canadian PR via express entry?

Well, I dont think waiting for PR invitation will land you anywhere. So, what else I can do? This will surely be your next question when somebody states as above.

Can you boost or enhance your CRS (Comprehensive ranking system) score in Express Entry somehow to help yourself get an ITA?

Yes. It is quite possible provided you gear up a bit and make inclusive efforts to secure your ITA for permanent residency in Canada. Lets first understand what actually CRS is.

What is CRS score in Express Entry?

If you are registered in Express Entry system your CRS score determines whether you will get selected for PR or not. CRS (Comprehensive Ranking system) gives you points for each profile factor, i.e. age, education, language proficiency, work experience, etc. IRCC launches draw every fortnight to select the candidates who are able to achieve the qualifying marks (CRS score requirement) for that particular draw. The candidates with best CRS scores get the invitation to apply for PR Visa.

How to enhance your CRS score to get PR invitation from IRCC?

As the CRS score is based on your profile score, lets find out what are the key profile features you can use to increase your total point score.

  • Human capital factors: Well, its unlikely to get points increased based on the human capital factors, i.e. ages, education, work experience, etc. However, there is one factor that can help you increase your total score, i.e. Language proficiency. The language proficiency gets you up to 160 points. So check how many point you currently have for language proficiency, and if the score is low, then work to enhance your language proficiency, i.e. IELTS total score, by giving a test again.
  • Spouse or common-law partner factors: You can also enhance your profile score if you are applying with your spouse or common law partner. If you add the IELTS Score of your spouse you can get up to 20 points for the same. Moreover, adding educational level and work experience of your spouse gets you the CRS points as well.
  • Offer of employment and Provincial nomination: This is the most crucial aspect of raising your CRS score. A Canadian job offer or a nomination from a province or territory gets you mighty 600 points. Hence, if you can get any of provincial nomination or job offer from Canada, it will guarantee your ITA for PR visa in Canada.

It is important to note as the CRS score requirement in the recent express entry draws were well below the 500 mark. The Job offer can be a bit difficult to get with LMIA condition; however getting nomination from a province is comparatively easy. So, start applying in various PNP programs to ensure a nomination.

How to get vital assistance to boost your ITA and secure the PR visa for Canada?

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