How to Bring your Parents to Canada Permanently

How to Bring your Parents to Canada Permanently

Obtaining a Canadian PR status brings many benefits. Still, somewhere deep down in your heart, you always wish to reunite with your parents or grandparents living back in your country of origin. The government of Canada understands the importance of being together with a family. You can make it possible through one of the key programs under family sponsorship, i.e. Parents and Grandparents Program. The Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship program is an ideal pathway that allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their parents and grandparents. In addition, the immigration program supports Canada's family reunification policy. It helps immigrants reunite with their children and grandchildren who already live in Canada as permanent residents or citizens. The sponsored parents and grandparents get access to all the benefits of being permanent residents of Canada, including an ability to live and work anywhere in Canada, access to universal health care facilities, and a right to apply for Canadian citizenship upon meeting the residence requirements.

Parent and Grandparent Program - Sponsorship Criteria

To get permanent residence approval in Canada, a parent or grandparent and the sponsor must meet the eligibility criteria. To qualify, a sponsor must:

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Be residing in Canada
  • Age at least 18 years or above
  • Be a child or grandchild of the person/s they are sponsoring

Also, a sponsor must meet the minimum income requirement based on family size and submit notices of assessment issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to prove that they met the criteria for at least three years. It is required to prove that you can financially support your sponsored parents or grandparents along with their dependents (if any) in Canada. To qualify, a sponsor must sign an undertaking to promise to repay the social assistance benefits (if any) that will be paid to you and your family members for up to 20 years. The undertaking period allows you to be financially responsible for your parents or grandparents for at least 20 years from the date they get their Canadian PR status. During the entire 20 years, you will be legally obligated for the repayment, which will result in relatively low utilization of social assistance by your parents and grandparents in Canada. Please notethose living and working in Quebec must sign a supplementary undertaking.

Family size for Canada's PGP

Family size includes the number of persons you will be supporting financially. For calculating family size, sponsor must include:

  • Himself/herself
  • spouse or common-law partner
  • unmarried and minor dependent children (under 22 years of age)
  • spouse or common-law partner's dependent children
  • any family members that were sponsored previously
  • parents and grandparents whom they want to sponsor along with their dependents (if any)
  • Dependent children not coming to Canada with their parents and grandparents
  • Spouse or common-law partner of their parents or grandparents even if not accompanying them to Canada
  • Separated spouse of their parents or grandparents

Application Process- Canadian PGP

You may follow a stepwise process mentioned below: Step 1:Confirm your eligibility Step 2:Complete an "interest to sponsor" form online Step 3:Wait for the Invitations Step 4:Upon getting an invitation to apply for a sponsor, submit a final sponsorship application to the IRCC within 60 days Please note,if you get an invitation to apply to sponsor your parents or grandparents, you must send both the sponsorship and PR applications together on the same date and time. To discover your eligibility for Canadian PGP 2022, take ourfree profile assessmenttoday. Or, you may connect with our team of advisors for guidance on Toll-Free No, 78-18-000-777.