How to apply for Canada PNP in 2022 with an Express Entry Profile

How to apply for Canada PNP in 2022 with an Express Entry Profile

Canada PNP: Each Canadian Province and territory operate their own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) with unique selection requirements and processing protocols. They can nominate applicants through the Federal Express Entry pool under specific Express Entry aligned PNP streams. Many provinces and territories have their 'enhanced' PNP streams aligned with the Federal Express Entry system, which offers the fastest Canadian immigrationpathways. The role of such streams is to attract eligible Express Entry candidates to move to a particular province by meeting both Express Entry and PNP selection requirements.

Minimum criteria for Canada PNP candidates to qualify in Express Entry

To remain in the federal Express Entry pool of candidates as a PNP candidate, you must:

  • Create an Express Entry profile
  • Have a provincial nomination which is validated by the nominating jurisdiction
  • Meet the eligibility requirements of any one of the Express Entry programs, including the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canadian Experience Class

Provincial Nominations via Express Entry There are 2 different processes via which provinces nominate candidates in Express Entry:

For candidates in the Federal Express Entry pool

In this case, provinces look for eligible candidates with a valid Express Entry profile in the pool using factors like language skills, level of education, skilled work experience, any provincial connection, etc. But, to get selected, candidates must select either one, many, or all jurisdictions while identifying the province in which they are interested. Only then will the provincial program portal allow the provinces to view the candidates' profiles who have indicated an expression of interest in their particular jurisdiction.

  • Issuing NOI (Notification of Interest)

If a province finds a candidate eligible, it will issue a system-generated NOI in a candidate's online account, advising that the provinces are considering them for nomination. If a candidate is interested in nomination, they can contact the province directly, i.e. outside the Express Entry setting. However, the candidate must submit an Express Entry profile number and a valid Job Seeker validation code to PNP so that the province can nominate them. The nomination will be sent to candidates through their online Express Entry accounts, and IRCC will be notified about it. From this point, candidates get total 30 days to either accept or reject the provincial nomination. Upon accepting the nomination, candidates get 600 additional points towards their overall CRS points. They will eventually get invited to apply Canada PR at the upcoming Express Entry draw with such high points.

For candidates outside the Federal Express Entry pool

In the second scenario, the province identifies an eligible candidate who feels is suitable for their Express Entry aligned PNP stream but is not a part of the Federal Express Entry pool. In this case, the province nominates that candidate and accordingly instruct them to submit their Express Entry profile.

  • Nomination confirmation

The nominated candidates create an online Express Entry profile indicating their provincial nomination. If a candidate meets the minimum eligibility criteria of any one of the three Express Entry programs and enters the Express Entry pool gets an Express Entry profile number and a Job Seeker validation code. The IRCC then informs the candidate about the confirmation of their nomination, after which an invitation to apply is issued in the upcoming Express Entry draw. If the nomination is not confirmed, the candidate will remain in the pool as a non-PNP applicant. Also, the profile will be visible to other PNPs for consideration under Express Entry aligned PNP streams. Please note, under both scenarios, the first step is to create an Express Entry profile and enter the pool of candidates. If you are interested in migrating to Canada as a provincial nominee, use a live PNP tracker to find out the recent active PNPs. You can also find your eligibility by filling out a free profile assessment form.