How Provincial Nomination can ensure hassle free PR in Canada?

How Provincial Nomination can ensure hassle free PR in Canada?

Today, most of the skilled workers look to get PR in Canada. There are obvious reasons for the same as well.

Canada not only offers you perfect settings for a wonderful career and life, but also has a relatively lenient immigration policy and straightforward immigration process. However, most of the individuals willing to get PR in Canada find it difficult to pass through the point based system express entry system. So what is the alternate option or process to get permanent residency in Canada?

Provincial Nomination- Making PR in Canada hassle-free for applicants

Nomination from a province or territory in Canada can really make your way hassle-free for immigration to Canada. If you have received the nomination from any province or territory in Canada for PR visa, it almost ensures your permanent residency in Canada. Lets find out how it works.

How Provincial Nomination helps you get the PR visa in Canada?

Every province in Canada has its separate Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) this program every year invites applications from a limited number of candidates every year for the nomination.

The PNP choose the right candidates based on the need and requirements of their labour market and economy and subsequently nominate the candidate to IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) for permanent residency. Once you have received the nomination from a province or territory in Canada, you need to apply for PR visa to IRCC within 60 days of the receipt of the invitation.

Express entry stream in PNPs

Most of the Provincial Nominee Programs also have a separate express entry stream that functions in coordination with express entry system. In express entry stream, a candidate creates the profile on express entry system showing interest in a particular state or territory or in all state and territories. He/she then needs to get selected in the express entry pool of candidates.

Canadian provinces have the access to express entry pool of Candidates. They review the candidates in the pool and select the appropriate ones to send the notification to apply in their respective PNP. On receipt of the notification candidates apply in the PNP and if get selected receives the provincial nomination certificate. The nomination certificate provides 600 additional points to the candidate registered in Express entry, which in turn ensures his/her ITA (invitation to apply) for PR visa in Canada.

How you can get thorough assistance to obtain a PR visa through provincial nomination?

If you wish to get PR in Canada through provincial nomination, you can coordinate with the genuine and immigration consultancy service to understand the whole process and apply in the relevant PNP.

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