How long do I need to stay in Canada to become a citizen?

How long do I need to stay in Canada to become a citizen?

Today, there are very few countries in the world, the citizenship status of which, lure or attract thousands of immigration aspirants across the world. In last one decade, the whole immigration paradigm has changed and countries, which used to be the paradise for immigrants, have suddenly become intolerant towards immigrants for their own reasons. However, a few countries in the world are still admiring and accepting the skilled and talented immigrants from foreign countries. Canada is certainly one among such countries. Canada- a wonderful country to get citizenship and settle permanentlyCanada is a magnificent country to get citizenship and settle on a permanent basis. Its tolerant and multicultural society, democratic values, high standards of living, free or subsidized quality education and healthcare facilities, infrastructure, etc. lure several immigrants to come here and settle with the family. But what is the right pathway to get Citizenship in Canada?

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How to Obtain Citizenship in Canada? Well, if you are a foreign skilled worker, you cannot directly apply for Canada Immigration and citizenship. You first need to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) Visa. The Permanent Residency in Canada is as good as citizenship. It allows you to live, work or study anywhere in Canada on a permanent basis. The PR status in Canada gives you most of the rights and privileges similar to a citizen, except for voting and running election office right or right to apply for some defense jobs, etc. After spending sufficient time in Canada on PR status, you can apply for citizenship in Canada. How long does it take to become a citizen of Canada after getting PR Status?As already mentioned, the PR status provides you most of the rights of a Canadian Citizen, however, if you want to be a complete citizen of Canada and not a permanent resident, you can apply for the same after due course of time. As per the Citizenship Act with Bill C-6 Amendments in fall 2017, you need to be physically present in Canada for three out of five years before applying for citizenship. It means, if you have spent 3 out of last 5 years in Canada on PR status or through some other ways, you can apply for the Canadian Citizenship.

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Key Parameters for Canadian CitizenshipOnce you apply for Canadian citizenship, you candidature will be reviewed based on the various parameters. Here are the key parameters or aspects based on which your eligibility for Canadian citizenship is determined:

  • Your Permanent Resident status
  • Time you have lived in Canada
  • Faultless Income tax filing record
  • Appropriate Language skills (in English or French) needed to be a Canadian citizen
  • How well you know Canada a Written Test is often taken for the same. However, in some cases, Immigration officer may call you for an Interview as well
  • Prohibitions- no criminal record, etc.

Finally, if you wish to confirm your eligibility for Canada PR as well as the whole process to apply for the same, you may coordinate with an accredited Canadian immigration expert at Visas Avenue; you may fill free assessment form or can e-mail your queries to