How Can an Indian get Citizenship of Australia?

How Can an Indian get Citizenship of Australia?

Australia has emerged as the top destination for immigration and citizenship in last few years. The strict immigration rules implemented by America and UK, also helped Australia to invite best and brightest from the world over. Hence, the aspirant of Australia immigration get a better lifestyle, living standards, professional opportunities and infrastructure, on the other hand, Australia get the highly skilled workers and professionals for its industries facing skill shortage. How to become a citizen of Australia Well to get citizenship in Australia, you first need to apply for a permanent residency visa. The permanent visa provides you most of the rights and privileges similar to a citizen. It allows you and your eligible family members to live, work and study any part of Australia. Apply for Australian PR visaAustralias General Skilled Migration program comprise to key permanent visa options, i.e. Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189 and Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190. Both visas are point tested permanent visas. Subclass 189 visa is the best visa category to apply if you dont have any nomination or sponsorship from Australia. You can apply in online SkillSelect System and obtain minimum 60 points based on age, education, language skills and work experience, etc. Higher point score is better to get Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR visa from the authorities. If you are invited you need to submit complete PR visa application along with required documents within 60 days. If your application and documents are found correct you will get the approval of PR visa.

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When can you apply for Australian Citizenship? Once you have spent 4 years in Australia as a permanent resident, you can apply for Australian Citizenship. You need to apply for citizenship, subsequently, you will be asked to give the Citizenship test and if you are through, you will be awarded with Citizenship in the land down under. What are the prerequisites of Citizenship in Australia?To apply for citizenship in Australia, you need to:

  • Be above 18 years when submitting the application for citizenship
  • Pass a citizenship test
  • Meet the residence requirement
  • Be a permanent resident when applying and when the decision is made on your application
  • Be of good character
  • Be expected to live, or to continue to live, in Australia or to maintain a close and continuing association with Australia
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Need assistance to apply for PR Visa in Australia?If you wish to apply for permanent residency in Australia from India, you may get in touch with qualified immigration experts for complete process assistance. The experts here will first assess your profile and accordingly suggest you the best pathway to apply for PR visa. Visas Avenue offers you following immigration associated services:

  • Application pre-assessment
  • Online EOI Submission
  • Documentation Assistance
  • Online Profile Creation
  • PR Visa Application Filing
  • Letter Drafting
  • Visa application follow up, etc.

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