Healthcare Industry are likely to increase in Australia in 2017

Healthcare Industry are likely to increase in Australia in 2017

Its good news for the professionals in the healthcare industry, looking to apply for work visa in Australia. In 2017, the healthcare industry jobs may increase significantly in Australia, along with the IT and engineering jobs etc. The IT Jobs were enhanced considerably in the year 2016 and the trend is likely to continue in the year 2017 as well. Moreover, the demand of healthcare professionals is also expected to rise immensely in the coming year.

Opportunity for Healthcare Professionals in Australia

The Opportunity of the healthcare professionals, i.e. Midwives, nurses, paramedics, etc. was quite high throughout the year 2016, along with IT and engineering professions, and there were many advertisements published regarding the same as well.

As per the assessment is done by job website SEEK with regards to the likely occupations in demand in 2017, the ongoing requirement is likely to continue next year as well, in view of continuing skill shortage.

Rise in Emergency Service Jobs

The emergency services jobs have been enhanced about 47.59 each year over the past few years, whereas, ambulance paramedics jobs increased by 42.24 percent across Australia. Both Ambulance paramedics and Emergency service jobs are crucial services and hence, likely to remain on top of the list of high demand jobs in 2017 as well.

Moreover, the jobs for clinical and medical researchers also raised by 41.02 percent across the country compared to last year, while the nursing jobs (mostly midwives) also increased by 50.33 percent. With the constant rise in birth rate across the country, specialized neo-natal nursing jobs are also expected to grow further in future.

Engineering jobs increased considerably

The demand for drafting engineering as well as the project engineers also raised b 55.43 percent in 2016. Rise in Engineering jobs is justified in view various ongoing and upcoming residential and commercial projects across Australia. This is also a good sign, as Engineering plays a key role in the infrastructure development and growth in Australia. The jobs have also increased across various states and territories of Australia registering the different percentage growth year by year.

With the considerable increase in the jobs across the country, the government of Australia is also taking steps to make positive changes in the immigration rules of Australia to ensure the smooth and hassle free entry of highly skilled and talented immigrants in Australia, to fill the job vacancies being created due to employment growth and skill shortage in the country.

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