How To Get The Permanent Residency Visa in Canada in just 6 to 8 months

How To Get The Permanent Residency Visa in Canada in just 6 to 8 months

The permanent residency in Canada is the most searched and desired immigration term among the worldwide immigration applicants. Canada is obviously the most popular country for immigration in the world. It attracts most of the applicants, in view of its high living standard, lenient immigration policies, ideal settings for the overseas skilled workers and students, etc.

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Most of the Applicants want the PR visa for Canada in minimum time

It has been observed that the people, especially from the Asian countries, apply for Canadian PR in huge numbers. However, a handful among them only gets selected. The young individuals, particularly, want to secure a PR visa in Canada in no time. Lets find out whether is it possible to get the Canadian PR in few months time or how long it actually take to get the permanent residency visa for Canada.

How long it actually takes to get the PR visa in Canada?

Well, Canada has designed various immigration systems and programs to allow the individuals to come to Canada on work, study, business or family sponsored category of visas. However, launched in January 2015, Express Entry System is considered as most popular and relatively fast immigration program in Canada. It claims to process your PR visa application within 6-12 months. The other immigration programs, such as QSWP, PNPs, and even partner category of visas, have got the more or less the similar visa processing time as well.

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How to get the Permanent Residency in Canada within 6-8 months?

The key to receiving the Permanent Residency Visa in earliest possible time is following the below:

  • Getting your file prepared in time for the relevant immigration program
  • Coordinating with an efficient Visa and immigration consultant,
  • Making a list of key immigration programs that get you PR and applying to the all in time.
  • Getting the language certification and ECA through WES has done in time
  • Submitting the visa application and other documents accurately and timely,
  • Following up on the visa with immigration office.

If you follow the above diligently, there is no reason you cant get your visa in time. The preparation of file in advance and accuracy in application and document submission not only saves the time of the authorities but also eliminate any possibility of visa delay or denial in the interest of candidates.

How Visas Avenue helps you get the Canadian PR in time?

The Visas Avenue has established itself as a leading immigration consultancy for Canada in India in a very short span of time. The Visas Avenue today is the favourite immigration consultancy service for Canada for the thousands of immigration applicants across India.

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We at Visas Avenue work with a definite plan and thorough coordination with our clients to make them secure their PR visa in the targeted time. We reduce the work and headache of our clients to the large extent by providing them the key immigration consultancy services, i.e. ECA through WES, language certification through relevant authority, online profile creation and EOI submission, Visa filing, documentation assistance, visa follow up with office and so on.

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All the procedural things completed fast and accurately, reduce your visa processing time to a great extent and you get the approval within 6-8 months time. If you are also looking to get the permanent residency in Canada in the minimum possible time, just call the Canadian Visa and Immigration specialistour Toll Free No 78-18-000-777or mail your queries or concerns regarding Canadian PR visa at or want to talk with Visas Avenue immigration Experts visit our office located in Hyderabad, Bangalore,Mumbai and New Delhi.