Germany Ranked Among the Best Countries for Immigrants- Apply for Job Seeker Visa now

Germany Ranked Among the Best Countries for Immigrants- Apply for Job Seeker Visa now

Germany ranked among the five best countries in the world for immigrants, as per the US study report. The U.S. News and World Report has recently conducted this survey and report released is based on the data from about 21,000 business leaders and people, etc. Germany Ranked among top 5 Immigrant friendly countries of the world Germany secured the 5th position in the list of best countries in the world for immigrants to live. Sweden ranked as the number one country followed by Canada, Switzerland and Australia. The ranking of the countries was given based on certain key parameters, i.e. income equality, economic stability, and nice job market, etc. Germany was considered as a country that provides the number of integration measures for immigrants, i.e. transfer of job certification, language training, etc. Significant Immigration influx in Germany Germany has been the most favourite European country for immigrants. In the year 2015, Germany recorded significant immigration influx with about 2.1 million people arrived in the country. This was a record in itself of the highest number of immigrants in a year. A paradise for STEM graduates Germany is considered as the paradise for the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) graduates. There is a momentous demand of STEM graduates in Germany. It not only provides the ample job opportunities to the people have skills and experience in STEM associated occupations, but also high wages compared to many other advanced nations. Germany Job Seeker Visa- the easiest pathway to Germany The Germany Job Seeker Visa is the easiest pathway to immigrate to Germany. It allows you to live and search the suitable employment in Germany for up to six months. The validity of Germany Job Seeker Visais six months. However, once you have found the suitable job, you can convert your job seeker visa into proper work permit in Germany. This will also open the doors of permanent residency in future. Key Requirements of the Germany Job Seeker Visa are as follows:

  • Graduate or PG Degree equivalent to a similar degree in Germany
  • A Work experience of three years in your field of education
  • Demonstrate the proof of funds to support your stay in Germany
  • Meet the basic criteria of the visa

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