A Great Opportunity for IT and Engineering Graduates to Live & work in Germany

A Great Opportunity for IT and Engineering Graduates to Live & work in Germany
If you are an IT and Engineering graduate looking for a wonderful career opportunity in a European country, you have a chance to grab it now. Germany is in great need of STEM graduates. The STEM stands for Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The graduates in STEM subjects are highly in demand in Germany, especially, the IT Specialists, and Engineers. Lets find out more about Germany as a country and tremendous scope and opportunities here for skilled professionals from India and other parts of the world.

An Introduction to Germany

Germany is an incredibly advanced European nation with a population of 81.5 million with close to 10 million being foreign immigrants. It takes pride on its parliamentary democracy like India. The German is official language in the country and Berlin is the capital city. The other key cities include, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, etc. The currency of Germany is Euro (1Euro = Rs.75.37).

What its like to move to Germany from India?

Germany is considered as economic engine of Europe with its powerful economy, growing industries, research and innovation, incredible product and services, and strong industrial base. Its a wonderful place to live and work, especially, if you are a skilled worker from India. A person, who knows German language and have got right, qualification skills, and experience in STEM subjects, you have a bright future in Germany.

If you are an STEM Graduate in India, you have a chance to move to Germany and setup a wonderful career. Today, close to 1 lac Indian immigrants live in Germany most of them are Engineers and IT Professionals. A huge number of IT experts and Engineers every year move to Germany from India and give their career and life a wonderful shift.

Germany Need Skilled Workers to Combat the Skill Shortage

Germany is facing the skill shortage and to meet this shortage it want skilled workers in huge numbers. As per a report, Germany will face an estimated shortage of three million skilled workers by 2025. Hence, to combat this issue the German Government has started initiative, i.e. Make-it-in-Germany. The purpose of this initiative is to attract more and more skilled workers in Germany. Make it in Germany shows the overseas skilled workers a way to live and work in Germany after finding jobs as per their skills and experience.

There is a significant demand of Engineers, IT Specialists, Scientists, Doctors, Mathematicians, etc. Hence, the government is making efforts to attract the immigrants, who have expertise and skills to get employed in these occupations.

What would be your key to Success in Germany?

If you are a STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduate, know the German language and determined enough to get wonderful career and life in Germany, you have every chance to find job and get tremendous success in this incredible European nation. If you are a STEM graduate in your home country, you can get your degree verified at Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB). It will help you mention in your job application, as to which German educational qualification, your degree is equivalent to. If you are a graduate in any of the above streams, you can apply for Job Seeker Visa and move to Germany to search job in an occupation relevant to your profile.

What are the Benefitsof Germany job seeker visa?

If you are a STEM Graduate, the Job Seeker Visa offers you an opportunity to come to Germany and search a suitable job in your profession. A job Seeker visa is valid for six months. As soon as you find a suitable job offer, you can convert your temporary visa into Germany work permit.

If you apply for Job Seeker Visa and secure a job offer in Germany, you will not only get a tremendous life and opportunity to work in a European country, but also receive an excellent remuneration.

What are the key Requirements of the German Job Seeker Visa?

Here are the key requisites of Germany Job Seeker Visa:

  • Graduate or PG Degree comparable to a similar degree in Germany.
  • A Work experience of three years in your field of education.
  • Demonstrate the proof of funds to support your stay in Germany
  • Meet the basic criteria of the visa

How to get Vital Assistance to Apply for German Job Seeker Visa?

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