Funds Requirement for Australia Immigration

Funds Requirement for Australia Immigration

Amidst sunny beaches, friendly people and vibrant cities, Australia is undoubtedly one of the most desirable destinations for migration around the globe. Skilled and qualified people from different parts of the world move to Australia every year for its excellent quality of life, strong economy and better job prospects. If you too have a plan to migrate to Australia, you need to know the overall expenses involved, i.e., how much it'll cost to migrate to Australia overall. To help you out, we have come up with this article to understand the required Funds Requirement for Australia Immigration. Money needed to migrate to Australia Knowing about the Australia PR Visa Cost and other requirements is one of the essential aspects that you must consider before finalizing a visa subclass you choose. You are required to have that specific amount of money as per the selected visa subclass in your bank account so that you can qualify. Thus, we recommend you know how much money you require and arrange the same (if required) before starting the migration process. Having Enough Proof of Funds To obtain Permanent Residence in Australia, you may select one of the most popular visa subclasses under General Skilled Migration, including, Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189, Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 or Skilled Work (Provisional) visa subclass 491. For visa subclass 189, you don't need proof of funds. However, for visa subclass 190, you must make a financial declaration or submit a formal statement along with proof of assets as evidence that you can support yourself and accompanying family members in Australia financially. Paying for Skills Assessment For skilled migration, you are required to undergo a suitable Skill Assessment. For this, you need to pay according to the nominated occupation. But, the cost doesn't include certified copies.

English Language Test Fee for Australia Immigration

As a skilled applicant, you must undertake an English Language test to prove your ability in all four abilities, including reading, writing, speaking and listening and meet the minimum competency level to qualify. For this, you are required to pay around $340 for IELTS, which is one of the most popular English Language tests for Australian immigration. Meeting visa application funds requirementYou need to pay substantial amount as mentioned in the table:

Visa Main applicantApplication charge (18 years or above)- AdditionalApplication charge (under 18 years)- Additional
Subclass 189 (Points-Tested) Stream AUD4,115 AUD 2,055 AUD 1,030
Mary Moe
Subclass 190 (Points-tested) Stream AUD4,115 AUD2,060 AUD 1,030

Please note visa application charge is required to be paid in two installments, i.e. ' the first installment' at the time you made the visa application and the 'second installment' before visa approval. Paying for Medical Examination and Police Clearance Checks For medical examination, the fee amount is INR 6,000 for adult applicants and INR 4,000 for minors if applying from India. Thus, you must ensure that you allocate these funds well in advance. Whereas, the cost differs in case of for police checks. Consider the relocation costs Once you get Australian PR visa approval, the next thing to make arrangements for accommodation, i.e. to find a place to stay in Australia. The cost involves airline tickets, transportation of belongings, living costs etc. To conclude, all we need to convey is that you must keep track of all the costs involved and arrange for the same while making your Australia Immigration plans. Proper planning will eventually help you simplify the process and make informed decisions at every step ahead. For assistance, contact our team of advisors at Visas Avenue and complete your Australia immigration process in a hassle-free manner. You may reach us on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or drop an email at