Express Entry Application time reduced- Get your application Ready before ITA

Express Entry Application time reduced- Get your application Ready before ITA

In a recent Canada immigration update, IRCC reduced the deadline for submitting the complete Canada PR application to 60 days, which was 90 days earlier. This deadline starts once you have received the Invitation to Apply (ITA) from IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada). The decision was taken in the interest of the applicant, i.e. to reduce the overall application time of express entry permanent residency application. However, it has actually made the applicants little more concerned, as they have got lesser time to prepare their document and application. Lets take a look at how you need to prepare your application after the new update. EE Deadline reduced- time to prepare the application fastNow, as the time for submitting Express Entry application reduced already, as an applicant, you need to be on your toes and get your file ready as early as possible. In fact, its better not to wait for your ITA (Invitation to apply) for Canadian permanent residency and go about preparing your application straight away.

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Well, its obvious that you cannot fill the application form in advance, however, you can do following things:

  • Get the documents ready

Once you have registered your profile in express entry, and you are confident about your chances, you must start preparing your documents and dont have to wait for the ITA. If you will start preparing your documents after ITA, you will just get 60 days for the same and hence, it will all be in hurry. Whereas, if you start preparing your documents in advance, you can do everything in a relaxed and planned way without any haste or chaos.

  • Go through the application

Its wise to ready your visa application format well in advance and understands the information and requirements to be filled in the application. There is no point waiting for the last moment and then running around to understand a particular instruction.

  • Confirm the process in advance

You must confirm the stepwise process and guidelines you require following on receipt of ITA. You must explore the process needs to be followed as well as the documents required, once an applicant receives the invitation to apply.

  • Take help from a registered Visa Consultancy service

If you are not well versed with the process guidelines or required documents, its wise to take help and assistance from a registered Visa and Immigration Documentation Consultancy firm. A Visa Consultancy service helps you in filing visa, documentation part as well as following up your application through various means. Lastly, advanced preparation is always handy, especially in a complex procedure such as Immigration to an overseas country. Hence, its always good to make your process simpler by getting most of the things ready well in advance. Need assistance from an immigration expert? If you seek, advice, assistance or complete immigration documentation support from a certified Canada Immigration expert, you may get in touch with Visas Avenue- a leading and registered Immigration Documentation Consultancy Agency in India. You may contact Visas Avenue qualified immigration expert on Toll-Free Number- 78-18-000-777. Alternatively, e-mail your queries to Visas Avenue e-mail id-