Opportunities for Database Analysts and Data Administrators in Canada

Opportunities for Database Analysts and Data Administrators in Canada

Every year Canada accepts applications from highly skilled foreign nationals under Federal Skilled Worker Program, belonging to different attributes and experiences. And if you are an aspiring candidate engrossed for the Database analyst or data administrator work profile in Canada, you will be delighted to know its forthcoming demands in Canadas versatile economy.


Its a golden opportunity to apply for Permanent Residency Visa in Canada.

The Database Analyst drafts the sketches, emerges and regulates the data management solutions using the softwares. The Data administrator establishes the data supervising policy and standards and models. They are employed in information technology consulting firms and in related units in private and public sectors.

Main duties-

For database analysts:

  • Collect and script users documents according to their requirement.
  • Design and expand the database architecture for information systems projects.
  • Conducts research and impart advice to other informatics professionals regarding the selection, application and implementation of database management tools.
  • Design, compose, modify, integrate, implements and test data models and database management systems.
  • Co-ordinates and supervise with other workers in the group.
  • Operate database management systems to analyze data and perform data mining analysis.

For Data Administrators:

  • Research the data requirements, data collection and administration policy, data access rules and security.
  • Develop and contrive data administration policy, standards and models.
  • Develop policies and procedures for network and /or internet database access and usage and for the backup and recovery of data.
  • Write scripts related to stored procedures and triggers.

Growth in this industry is due to the fact that computer technology is now an essential part of the economy, which in general is developing based upon knowledge criterias.

Desired titles-

  • Database architect
  • Data custodian
  • Data warehouse analyst

The candidates opting for the immigration under this job profile will get all the perks as the other immigrants moving to Canada will avail. After being settled in the Canada in case the immigrants face any difficulties they are free to coordinate with the Immigrant Oriented Help Centers. The children will get the Free Elementary and Secondary Education after moving to Canada as the citizens of Canada are availing.

It is one of the best place in world to live safely and healthy. The process of Immigration to Canada is not typical as considered in other countries. There are plenty of sources to be used, geographic factors and career opportunities which help in growing, learning and earning. Canada is a great country to settle down it welcomes every immigrant equally with same enthusiasm. It is a flexible place to move in with infinite opportunities, with hundreds of benefits.