Didnít Find a Suitable IT Profile in Bangalore? What are the options you have as an IT Professional?

Didnít Find a Suitable IT Profile in Bangalore? What are the options you have as an IT Professional?

As per a recent survey report Bangalore is gradually losing its shine as the grand IT hub of India. The IT industry of Bangalore is facing the tough competition to hold its spot as the Silicon Valley of India. But what are the key reasons of city of Bangalore losing its charm and shine?

Challenges in front of IT industry in Bangalore

Though, Bangalore is still the top IT destination of India with a huge number startups, bunches of talent, and incredible settings and ecosystem to support the IT and startup culture, however, various internal and external issues are gradually challenging the silicon valley of India for sure. As per the recent news and survey reports, Bangalore is gradually losing its place as the best destination for IT Entrepreneurs, and its evident to see the top IT companies choosing other parts of India to setup their ventures.

The declining infrastructure in the city has also played a huge part in this migration. For instance, irregular power supply, hopeless sewage lines, crowded industry, huge traffic jams, etc. have only added to the problems.

Upsurge of other smaller cities

The smaller cities, i.e. Chennai, Hyderabad, NCR (Noida and Gurgaon), Pune, etc. have given the glimpse of upcoming IT hubs in India. The cost of operation is also relatively low in these cities compared to Bangalore.

Which are the countries to move to as an IT professional from Bangalore?

Well, if you are an IT professional with good skills and experience, you must apply for Visa in Australia or Canada. These are two of the most desired immigration destinations today for ITA Professionals.


Australia is known to offer high-income jobs to the IT professionals from all parts of the world. Its infrastructure, most livable cities, well-defined workplace laws, low crime rate and strong economy attracts several IT professionals here.


Canada on the other end provides perfect settings for the overseas immigrants, in terms of outstanding infrastructure, powerful economy, high living standard, social security benefits, and lenient immigration policies. Its also a perfect place to settle with family in view of its diversified culture, low crime rate, excellent education system, and tolerant society.

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