How to Apply Canada Tourist Visa from India in 2022

How to Apply Canada Tourist Visa from India in 2022

With abundant natural beauty, ranging from glaciers to mountains to secluded forests and lakes, Canada's expanse is nearly incomparable globally. But, the country's great outdoors are not the only allure; its cosmopolitan cities are also clean, friendly, safe and highly multicultural. Canada has been repeatedly tagged as the world's most livable nation. Whether your interests lie in live theatre or river rafting, this Maple Leaf country will never disappoint anyone. Moreover, its distinct heritage and rich history make it a visit-worthy tourist destination. Thousands of people visit the beautiful Maple Leaf country every year on a Canada Tourist Visa and experience its people's beauty, serenity, and warmth. Most travelers require a visitor visa or a tourist visa to travel to Canada. Individuals may also need one if they are transiting via a Canadian airport to their final destination. Canada considers visitors as those persons who are not citizens or permanent residents of Canada but, are authorized to enter Canada legally temporarily:

  • To visit their family
  • Spend a holiday or vacation in Canada
  • Conduct a business, etc.

If you are willing to visit Canada, you may apply for a Canada tourist visa either online or on paper and can stay there for up to 6 months. You can also get a visitor record at the port of entry to be allowed by the border services officer to stay for more than six months. Accordingly, a date will be updated in your passport when you will leave the country. If you don't get a visitor record stamp in your passport, you can stay only for six months from the day you have entered Canada or until the expiry date on your passport, whichever comes first. Let's find out more about Canadian tourist visa or visitor visa. Eligibility requirements to apply for a Canada tourist visa from India

To obtain a Canada Tourist visa, you:

  • Submit proof of being fully vaccinated on ArriveCan
  • Submit travel and contact information, quarantine plan, COVID-19 symptom self-assessment on ArriveCan
  • Must have a passport or a valid travel document
  • Must be in good health condition
  • Must have a clean criminal record
  • Must convince an immigration officer about your intentions and prove that you have ties like a job, a family, financial assets, etc. that requires you to go back to your home country
  • Must convince an immigration officer about your intentions to leave Canada as soon as your trip or visit ends
  • Must have sufficient money to finance your stay in Canada
  • Might need to provide a medical examination certificate
  • Might need to provide an invitation letter from someone who is living in Canada

You are not allowed to visit Canada, if:

  • You are inadmissible for any reasons, like your involvement in any:
  • criminal activity
  • organized crime
  • human rights violations
  • You are found to pose any health, financial or security risk to Canada

Canada tourist visa fees requirement In order to apply for a Canada visitor visa from India, you have to pay Canada tourist visa fees in Indian rupees along with your application and documentation. Refer the table below:

Visitor visa single entry or multiple entry (including super visa) 6,044 INR
Visitor visa per family (1 fee per family of 5 or more people) 30222 INR
Extend your stay as a visitor per person 6,044 INR
Restore your status as a visitor 12089 INR

How to apply for a tourist visa from India? You can apply for a tourist visa either online or offline. To apply online, you must have a scanner or a camera to create and submit electronic copies of all the relevant documents and a valid credit card or debit card. Below is a quick stepwise process you may follow:

  • Step 1: Gather documents
  • Step 2: Complete your application
  • Step 3: Pay the required fees
  • Step 4: Submit your application
  • Step 5: The IRCC will check or review the application in detail to ensure completeness and accuracy
  • Step 6: Upon application approval, your original documents, like passport will be returned along with the requested visa

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