Canada to Welcome about One Million New Immigrants by 2020

Canada to Welcome about One Million New Immigrants by 2020

Canadian government plans to invite and welcome about one million immigrants in next three years. The fact has been revealed in the Multi-year immigration plan tabled by Canadian federal government. About one million people expected to enter Canada by 2020, under Economic immigration program, family class immigration, and refugees. As per the multi-year plan, 310,000 immigrants are likely to be invited in 2018, and the number may further rise to 330,000 in 2019 and subsequently, 340,000 in 2020. The target for every immigration category has been decided and presented to the house in common.

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Canada to significantly increase immigration year on year While speaking to a media channel Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said that in next three years, Canada immigration will help meet the skill shortage and demographic challenges in the country. As per him, about 5 million Canadians are going to retire by 2035, and hence, new immigrants coming to Canada in next few years will play a vital role in Canadian economy and society. Canadian Immigration Plan Year by Year Ratio of Working Age people has dropped drastically over the last few decades As per Hussen, in 1971, Canada had 6.6 working-age people per retiree, however, by 2012 this ration dropped to 4.2 to 1 and as per the projections, this ratio will further drop to be around 2 to 1 percent by 2036. Hence, to deal with this challenge, the country needs to gradually increase the annual immigration in the country. Category wise Immigration Plan from 2018-2020 Economic Class Immigration   Family Class Immigration Economic Class Immigration He further confirmed that the government had round of discussions and consultations with different provinces and other associated entities and every province has confirmed this fact that they need immigrants to deal with the skill shortage and demographic challenges. Few months back, Governments own advisory council suggested increasing the immigration level to 450,000 newcomers annuallyby 2021.

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Government is also emphasizing Integration and Settlement program As per Ahmed Hussen, the government is not only focused on allowing immigrants in the country but also looking to enhance the integration and settlement program in the country, to help these immigrants established and settle quickly in the society so that they can contribute back to Canadian economy and society. As per him, Canada is the world leader in terms of integration program, and many countries of the world are learning from our successful integration and settlement program. He further confirmed that the government would not have increased the immigration level in the country if they were not confident enough to provide essential support and settlement facilities to the new immigrants coming to Canada. Great time to move to Canada and get PR If you have plans to move to Canada, its the best time to prepare your immigration file, and apply in the most relevant immigration program. If you seek advice, assistance, or support from professional migration experts, you may call Visas Avenue Immigration at Toll-Free Number- 78-18-000-777. Alternatively, fill and submit the free assessment form to receive a call back from the expert.