Canada to step up the Visa Process for overseas skilled workers joining Canadian Technology firms

Canada to step up the Visa Process for overseas skilled workers joining Canadian Technology firms

Canada is going to hasten the immigration process for overseas skilled workers, going to be employed in fast growing tech firms in Canada. This announcement has come as a part of Canadian Governments latest innovation strategy.

Express Entry is main gateway

As of now the express entry is the main doorway for foreign skilled workers for immigration to Canada. The express entry claims the minimum processing time of six months. And the target of six months has been achieved in more than 80% of cases in the recent past. However, as per the tech employers, the six months time is way too long, especially, when you look at the competition across the world and fast growing and expanding Technology industries in the country.

Slow Immigration Process is Barrier to the fast growing Tech industries

The employers in the tech industry have blamed the slow visa processing as the major obstacle to their fast growth and development. As per the employers the talent and skills that we are hiring from overseas are mostly in demand across the world and if we delay the processing time of visas to such applicants, they are likely to switch to the next available option. And this is what happening right now. Hence, if Canada wants to hire and attract the best of talents in the tech industry, it needs to step up the pace of its immigration process.

LMIA is a Major Hurdle

As per the tech employers, the LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) is the major obstacle in hiring the foreign skilled worker, which needs to be removed at least for tech industry. The LMIA is a condition for employers to hire the foreign skilled workers, i.e. they need to prove to government that there is no local employee is available to fill the vacancy being offered to an overseas skilled worker.

The government understands the concern of the tech companies and hence the Minister of Immigration Refugee and Citizenship, John McCallum has indicated that new innovation strategy might consider dropping the LMIA for Tech firms. The government understands that if the Canadian industries want to stand in global competition, it has to do the things differently, as the rest of the countries, i.e. Australia, USA, etc. are doing in terms of hiring the best talents in the Technology sector.

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