Choose Canada for Green Living- Canada Ranks Among Top 10 least Polluted Countries in the World

Choose Canada for Green Living- Canada Ranks Among Top 10 least Polluted Countries in the World

There was a time when the liveability status of a country was limited to its aspects of the work environment, infrastructure facilities, transportation, etc. However, in the 21st century, the Environmental Performance Index has become a key aspect of human living in a particular country or city.

This is the reason that immigrants willing to move to a new country, first check its Air Quality Index (AQI) and accordingly decide their immigration or settlement plans.

Importance of Green living aspects of a country

The healthy environment of a country is directly related to the health of the dwellers in a particular country or region. The bad air quality or pollution in the air leads to many harmful diseases and decreases the life expectancy in society. Hence, the concept of individual health being directly proportional to the surrounding environment is getting the utmost importance across the globe.

This consideration and awareness have introduced the rankings, such as, the Best Countries for Green Living, which is drawn from the outcomes of the global perception-based survey. In the best country survey done by US News and report, countries are ranked based on an accumulation of 3 key attributes of a country, i.e. Care about the environment, health-conscious and innovative.

Environmental Performance Index (EPI)

The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) gives a quantitative basis for comparing, studying, and understanding environmental performance for different countries of the world. The US News and World report rank these countries based on their environmental performance using the latest available data and data from nearly a decade earlier.

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Canada ranks as 9th best country for Green living

In the list of best countries in the world or green living Canada ranks at no.9 position. Canada is one of those countries, which always remain ahead when it comes to addressing issues like Pollution and Air Quality, as well as making certain that its countrymen continue to live in a healthy environment. Its key provinces, such as British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, etc. are popular for their green living aspects.

The greeneries, National parks, mountains, rivers, forests, etc. are maintained to ensure the best air quality, environment, and surroundings. The government has got dedicated policies for waste management, Climate, and energy, water, and sanitation, Air Quality, Biodiversity and habitat, etc.

Canada is also ranked as the best country in the world based on Quality of life in the best country ranking 2019 by US News and World Report. The Air Quality Index in most parts of Canada is either comes under good or moderate.

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