Canada PR Vs Australia PR- A Comparison of Key Benefits

Canada PR Vs Australia PR- A Comparison of Key Benefits
Canada and Australia are the two top immigrant friendly advanced countries of the world. Every year millions of immigrants apply for permanent residency in these two countries. However, when it comes to applying for Permanent Residency (PR), the aspirants often get confused as to which country is better to get a PR visa. To find the answer of this question we are comparing the PR visa benefits in both the countries. You can go through the PR visa benefits in both the countries and take a decision as to which country you want to move to.

Canada PR

A permanent resident of Canada gets a PR Card as evidence that he/she is a permanent resident of Canada. The IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) has designed various immigration programs to offer permanent residency to the aspirants, i.e. Express Entry System, Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), etc. A permanent resident in Canada get various benefits and rights similar to a citizen of Canada.

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Key benefits of Canadian PR

As a permanent resident of Canada you are allowed to

  • Live, work or study anywhere in Canada
  • Apply for Citizenship in Canada
  • Receive the Healthcare and other social benefits in Canada like Canadian Citizens.
  • Sponsor your relatives to Canada, after spending sufficient time as a Permanent Resident here
  • Get protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Australia PR

Australian Permanent Resident receives various rights and privileges similar to an Australian citizen. The DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) has designed various skilled visa categories to allow overseas skilled workers to come to and get permanent residency in Australia. Find out the key benefits of Australian Permanent Residency.

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Key Benefits of Australia PR

As a permanent resident of Australia, you can:

  • Live and work in Australia for an indefinite period.
  • Frequently travel in and outside Australia within the opening period of 5 years after that it can be renewed, if you meet the key parameters.
  • Apply for citizenship after spending sufficient time in Australia as a permanent resident
  • Enjoy various rights and privileges like an Australian citizen, including access to free or subsidized legal and health services.
  • Sponsor your relatives to Australia, if you meet the residence parameters and assurance of support requisites.
  • Apply for Australian consular assistance overseas
  • Travel, live, work and study in New Zealand, after the approval of NZ Government and
  • Your children borninAustralia will get Australian citizens by birth.

Now, if you have reached a conclusion as to which country among the two, you want to immigrate to, you can get in touch with a reliable immigration consultant to prepare your file for immigration.

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