What are the Requirements for Canada Permanent Residency?

What are the Requirements for Canada Permanent Residency?

Canada permanent residency is in itself a new test; starting a new life in Canada is a sensational occasion filled with thrilling latitudes. Canada, one of the Worlds most preferred location for the Immigration. The decision to migrate to Canada is an important step in pursuing the dream. And to satisfy the Canada pr 2015 policies one has to go through the fundamental eligibility requirements.

For Canada immigration and being a permanent resident, you need to apply and then a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa will be issued. Canada PR applies to those who are not Canadian citizens since birth but are permitted to live and work in Canadafor life time. Permanent residents are asked to live in Canada for two years out of every five; else their status of Canadian citizenship might be at risk.

So get ready to check your testing abilities in being a Canadian permanent resident. Find out here the application requirements for Canada pr 2015.

Canada has come up with a new Canada immigration assignment called Express entry which was launched on 1st January 2015. It is beneficial for the candidates who are planning ardently to move in Canada as permanent residency.

Now Canada pr 2015 application is completely based upon the points requirements. All the express entry candidates get a score out of 1,200 points based on the four basic parts of the comprehensive ranking system process for a single candidate application for the Canada permanent residency in core A and core B for the candidates spouse or people coming along to Canada. Core A Single Candidates & Skills and experience factors maximum 500points are given for different factors like age, education, language proficiency and then for the Skill transferability factors maximum 100 points are to be scored. And an additional 600points can be scored for the arranged employment OR for the provincial or territorial nomination. Grand total is of maximum 1,200 points.

Canada permanent residency requirements for the candidates spouse in Skills and experience factors maximum scoring points are 460. And the candidate score for spouse or common law partner factor a maximum of 40 points, in Skill transferability factors a maximum of 100 points, and an Additional 600 points for the arranged employment OR for the provincial or territorial nomination. Grand total is of maximum 1,200 points which ensures the Canada permanent residency requirement and the eligibility.

Canada permanent residency requirements for express entry IELTS includes new statement; the aspirants have to prove the language skills by taking a language test approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. IELTS is evaluated on the basic abilities of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Canada permanent residency requirements made a strong appearance with fresh configurations.

The easiest ways for the Canada permanent residence require great skills, education, relevant work experiences and language proficiency. And the highest ranking skilled workers will be invited to apply for Canada permanent residence and their applications will be processed in six months or less. The first invitations to apply will be issued during the last week of January. So do not waste the precious time as Canada immigration offers a vast scope for the eligible candidates.

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