An Overview of the New Canada immigration Rules 2016

An Overview of the New Canada immigration Rules 2016

The year 2016 has been significant for the Canadian Immigration. After the election of liberal government in month of November, 2015, the immigration rules of Canada were expected to be lenient in view of the PM Trudeaus election campaign announcements and immigration friendly policies of the liberals. Canada is already known as the best countries for immigrants; although, there were a few decisions taken by earlier Harper government in Canada, which were termed as bit strict by standards toward the immigrants. However, a few of such immigration rules have already been changed/reinstated by the new Canadian government now.

What are the new immigration rules in 2016?

The liberal government has made 8 Major changes in the immigration rules in 2016 to make immigration in Canada relatively easy for certain immigration categories. Lets take a look at a few of such charged or new immigration rules of Canada in 2016.

  1. The CIC has been renamed to IRCC: The Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) has now been rebranded as IRCC (Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada).
  2. PGP Application Intake is doubled: The application intake for the Parent and Grandparent program (PGP) is now doubled from 5000 to 10000 applications annually. The application intake was reduced to 5000 by earlier Harper Government during their ruling period.
  3. Citizenship Rules for International Students: The new federal in Canada has also easing the citizenship rules for the international students in Canada. The new Trudeau Government in Canada has introduced a new legislation to revoke the disputed changes made earlier to Canadian immigration act under bill C-24. The key citizenship rules changes announced in favor of international students are:
    • It will decrease the physical residency period from 4 to 3 years, which is needed to apply for Canadian Citizenship.
    • As per the new legislation the 50% time spent by international students in studying and working in Canada will be counted in the physical residency period required for citizenship in Canada, which was earlier revoked by the Harper government.

The other proposed Canadian Immigration rule changes for 2016 are:

  • 4. Language Proficiency: As per the new immigration changes proposed by the liberals, the English or French Language proficiency will be applicable to age group between 18-54 instead of the 14-64 made compulsory by the conservatives.
  • 5. The Dependent age: The dependent age will be reinstated to 22 years from 19 years making it easier for the parents to bring their adult children to Canada.
  • 6. Extra points for Siblings: The Canada immigration applicants who have the siblings will get the extra points for their Express Entry Profile.
  • 7. Family immigration applications handling Budget: The budget for handing the family immigration applications would be doubled to reduce the waiting period in this category of visas.
  • 8. Permanent Residency for Sponsored Spouses: The waiting period of 2 years will be evaded for the spouses of the sponsored people.

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The proposed changes are likely to be effective soon, in view of determination and commitment shown by the new liberal government in Canada towards making the immigration rules lenient in the interest of the new immigrants.

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