What are the benefits of Canadian PR?

What are the benefits of Canadian PR?

Canada is the most ideal as well as the desired country to get permanent residency. The immigrants from every corner of the planet apply for PR in Canada to enjoy the rights, privileges, and benefits of being the permanent resident of Canada- one of the most livable countries in the world. Canada is a huge country by area and by economy as well that comprises tremendous opportunities and facilities for the locals as well as immigrants.

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Here are the key benefits you get after becoming the permanent resident of Canada.

  • Right of permanent residency: With the Canadian PR, you get the status of permanent resident of Canada, through which you can live, work or study anywhere in Canada and enjoy many other benefits similar to citizens of Canada.

  • Sponsor eligible family members: As a Canadian permanent resident, you can sponsor eligible family members to come to Canada and get permanent residency here.

  • Apply for Canadian Citizenship: A permanent resident can apply for Canadian Citizenship after spending certain period in Canada.

  • Freedom to work anywhere in Canada: A Canadian permanent resident has a freedom to work anywhere in Canada under any employer. Except for a few high security government jobs meant for permanent citizens of Canada only.

  • No Tax on income outside Canada: As a Canadian permanent resident or citizen you pay taxes on the basis of physical residency only and hence, there is no tax on the income earned outside Canada.

  • Access to subsidized education: As a Canadian permanent resident, you have the access to subsidized post secondary education being provided by the federal as well as provincial governments in Canada. The permanent residents can also enroll in free English and French speaking courses being offered by the federal government.

  • Social Security services and benefits: The Canadian permanent residents receive several social security services, i.e.

  • Social security to the people (unable to work due to disability or to those who cant find work.
  • Basic pension
  • subsidized lodging for low income individuals
  • Workers compensation
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Subsidy on medication for low income people up to 98%
  • Free courses for job search training
  • Subsidized private nurseries
  • Protection under Canadian Law: The permanent residents of Canada are protected under Canadian law and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

How much does it cost to get PR in Canada?

The Canadian PR involves the cost of IELTS certification and ECA through WES as well part from the application fees. The charges included for getting PR in Canada are as follows.

  • The application fee for primary applicant at now is CAD $550 (primary applicant).
  • Right of PR fee- CAD $490
  • Spouse/common law partner or family member fee- CAD $550

Moreover, the below charges are also applicable in the PR process:

  • IELTS certification fees
  • ECA Through WES fees

What is the process to get PR in Canada?

Well, launched in January 2015, Express Entry System is the most organized and popular immigration system of Canada that provides PR to the selected candidates. To apply through this system, you need to register on Express entry and achieve minimum 67 points to quality to apply for PR in Canada.

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