Australia PR in 2018- How Easy or Difficult it will be to obtain the same this year?

Australia PR in 2018- How Easy or Difficult it will be to obtain the same this year?

Overseas immigration has become common practice especially in developing countries, where skilled and talented professional dont get the desired professional opportunities, living standards, quality of life, and infrastructure facilities, etc. Australia has been one among the key choice among the worldwide immigration aspirants.

Its not only an advanced nation but also a place that provide wonderful opportunities and environment for the people. Lets find out how Australia immigration going to be in 2018. Immigration to Australia in 2018 If you wish to get permanent residency in Australia in 2018, you must know as to how easy or complex it is going to be for you in view of current immigration situation across Australia and the world. Although, Australia has been a perfect immigration destination for year, however, it will interesting to see out how things have changed in last couple of years to impact Australian PR process.

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Process and Immigration Rule changes in 2017 The year 2017 was quite eventful for the Australia immigration in view of various immigration rules and procedure changes. A few of such key changes are:

  • Abolition of Subclass 457 Temporary visa
  • Two new short-term visa categories introduced in place of Subclass 457 Visa
  • Reduced occupations in the Skilled Occupation list
  • Renewal of existing Skilled Occupation lists with changed titles
  • Change in Citizenship rules and procedures

Most of these rule changes implemented in 2017 aimed at making Australia immigration smooth and controlling the number of immigrants in the country.These immigration rules can be termed stricter, but overall, such changes are not going to have a large impact on Australias immigration rate, especially, in view of ongoing skill shortage in the country. This rule change was one aspect of Australia immigration, however, there is another aspect also which confirms that number of professional opportunities will be higher this year in view of ongoing skill shortage in the country for several occupations. Professional Opportunities and scope for Immigration in 2018In 2018, industries and business companies in Australia shall create multiple professional opportunities for the foreign skilled professionals. Hence, Australias immigration rate is expected to be higher all through the year. The opportunities will be available in keysectors, i.e. IT, Engineering, healthcare, construction and mining, etc. Hence, if you are planning to apply for Australian PR visa, this year will be the ideal time for the same.

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