How to know if I am eligible to immigrate to Australia?

How to know if I am eligible to immigrate to Australia?

Australia is an obvious immigration choice for thousands of young and talented individuals across the world, in view of its incredible infrastructure, growing economy and considerably high employment rate.

However, every youngster aspiring to move to Australia has a question in mind, i.e. am I eligible to immigrate to Australia? Well, this post is to answer your this question only.

Before we get to the answer of this question, lets take a look at the immigration System of Australia to understand the whole concept of Australia immigration better.

How does Australia Choose Skilled Workers for Immigration?

Australia has a point based immigration system in place to choose the quality skilled migrants for immigration. If you are a skilled worker, you need submit EOI (Expression of Interest) in SkillSelect and score well as per the point based immigration system to apply for the desired visa in Australia.

There are two basic selection factors you must know about Australias point based immigration system.

  • The Minimum Immigration Points factor: As per this factor you must score a minimum of 60 points based on your profile features, i.e. age, education, language proficiency, experience, etc. to become eligible to apply for desired visa through Australias point immigration based system.
  • Selection Criteria for ITA: The Selection criteria for ITA (Invitation to apply) for visa depends on the fact as to how well you score on the point based system. To become eligible to get selected for invitation, you need to score more than just the minimum points. Higher the score, stronger are the chances of securing ITA for visa.

Now, the question comes here is how to know whether or not I am eligible to move to Australia?

How to know if I am eligible to immigrate to Australia

The best way to confirm your eligibility is to confirm your points score as per the Australias immigration system. Here are the pathways to confirm your eligibility.

  • Check the Immigration Points calculator: The Immigration Point calculator tells you as to how much points you will get for your each profile factor, i.e. education, work experience, language proficiency, age, skills, etc. Once you have counted point for your each profile factor, you can total them to verify your eligibility status. The 60 points makes you eligible for the points system. However, if you score more than 60 points, say 70, or 80 points, it indicates that your chances of getting an invite for visa from authorities are very high.

Check Immigration Point Calculator of Australia

  • Submit the Free Assessment form: You can also fill and submit the free assessment form available on the Visas Avenue website to get your profile assessed by a registered migration expert for Australia. The expert will review and analyze your profile and revert you with the complete assessment report of your eligibility status for the desired visa category.

Click here to submit the free assessment form

Both the above procedures are relatively easy and confirm your eligibility status in a hassle free manner. You can opt any of them to go ahead.

How to get key support to apply for an Australian Visa?

To get the inclusive support and assistance to apply for a particular visa in Australia, you may seek the help from the Visas Avenue immigration experts. The experts at Visas Avenue have the years of experience in Australian Immigration and visa categories.

You may contact the Visas Avenue experts at, 011-48447777 (Delhi), 080-46668222 (Bangalore) and 040-42467777(Hyderabad) or can email your queries and feedback to the email id-

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