Apply for Canada PR via Spousal Sponsorship Program from India

Apply for Canada PR via Spousal Sponsorship Program from India

When we talk about immigration to a new country, Canada is a name that pops up first in our minds. Individuals who successfully obtain Canada Permanent Resident status get an abundance of benefits. They get a right to live, work, and study anywhere in Canada, free public education for dependent children, universal healthcare facilities for themselves and their entire families, and more.

However, sometimes they apply as a single applicant and immigrate to Canada without their family members. But with Canada’s strong inclination towards family reunification, there is no difficulty in bringing their loved ones to Canada.

Choose Spousal Sponsorship Program

Suppose you, too, have moved to Canada as a permanent resident and now desire to call your dependent family members, including spouses and children, to Canada. In that case, you may become a sponsor.

Through Canada’s spousal sponsorship, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident may sponsor their partner to immigrate to Canada permanently.

Minimum Criteria– To qualify as a Sponsor for your Spouse for Canada PR Visa

You can be eligible as a sponsor for your Spouse or common-law partner only if:

  • you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • you are at least 18 years old
  • you live in Canada or plan to return to Canada once your Spouse or partner get permanent resident status in Canada
  • You can meet the basic financial needs of your sponsored Spouse or partner for at least three years

Sponsorship from a legally married Husband/Wife

If you are legally married and wish to get a sponsorship for Canada PR from your husband or wife, you both must provide the following evidence to the visa officer:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Wedding photos and invitations
  • Birth or adoption certificates for any children you have with your Spouse
  • Proof of marriage registration from a government authority
  • Any two documents to prove that you both live together at the same address (Proof of owning a property together, shared bank accounts, utility bills on your names, government-issued ID card copies, pay stubs or car insurance)

Sponsorship from Common-law Partner

Canadian government consider a common-law relationship as the same as a conventional marriage.  To prove that your common-law relationship can qualify for sponsorship, you must submit proof that you have lived together as a couple for at least a year.

To qualify for sponsorship from a common-law partner in Canada, you both must provide the following evidence:

  • Photographs of both of you as evidence of your conjugal relationship
  • Proof that you both have lived together for a minimum of a year
  • Any two documents that recognize you both as common-law partners (employment or insurance benefits, financial support or shared expenses) prove that your family and friends acknowledge your relations like letters, social media, emails, etc.)
  • Birth or adoption certificate records for any dependent children you both have together

Please note, in case you don’t have all the documents mentioned above. You may submit an explanation letter or sworn declaration from your close friends and family members who can attest to your status as common-law partners.

If your Spouse or common-law partner already lives and works in Canada as a Permanent Resident or a Citizen and you wish for a reunion, then take this pathway. Choose to apply for a Canadian PR visa via spouse/dependent sponsorship program.

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