6 Useful Tips for Traveling on Canada Tourist Visa

6 Useful Tips for Traveling on Canada Tourist Visa

Is travelling to Canada in your mind? We must say, it's a wonderful decision! Whether you are travelling as a tourist, visiting your friends and family, or simply transiting, there is a lot you should know. We have come up with a list of a few valuable tips for the ones travelling to Canada for the first time on a Canada Tourist Visa.

  1. Choose a right visa program

It is always advisable to first understand your purpose of travel and accordingly apply under a suitable visa category. For instance, if you are looking for Canadian immigration permanently, you must apply for Canada PR via Express Entry, PNP or any other economic immigration pathway. While, for study or work purposes, you must get a study or a work permit. Similarly, for visiting Canada as a tourist, you must apply for Canada Tourist Visa, also known as Visitor Visa.

  1. Understand documentation requirements properly

To apply for Canada Tourist Visa, you need the following documents as per the purpose of your visit:

  • Proof of approved Covid-19 vaccination
  • Evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result
  • ArriveCAN receipt (electronic or paper)
  • Travel history documents
  • Itinerary (how long you'll stay and what you'll do)
  • Account statement as proof of funds
  • Identification document
  • Letter of invitation (if visiting a family member)
  • Evidence of Relationship (if a family member is inviting you)
  1. Be Prepared for the Canadian Weather

The temperature is generally colder than in the United States. While, in summer, it reaches around 35C in Ontario and nearby places. But, Winter can be -10C. So, ensure to check the weather alerts on the government website of Canada and accordingly plan your itinerary.

  1. Arrange a place in Canada to stay

As a visitor, you can stay in Canada for up to 6 months. Thus, you must find a place before hand so that you can stay there the moment you reach Canada as a tourist.

  1. Smart packing

You must pack the following items while travelling on a Canada Tourist Visa:

  • Canadian currency, so that you dont need to worry about anything.
  • A power bar or an extension cord to run multiple devices using single Canadian adaptor.
  • Chargers for your phone, cameras, etc.
  • Few home treats, like non-perishable food items and tea bags.
  1. Keep a check about restricted or prohibited goods

There are certain goods that are restricted in Canada. To avoid any penalties, like prosecution or seizure, you must ensure that you gather information in advance and do not bring such items to Canada, like, firearms and weapons, Explosives, fireworks and ammunition, Vehicles, without applying for the importation of certain consumer products. We hope you found the tips and helpful information enough. For more information or to apply for a Canada tourist visa from India in 2022, you may contact our team at Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777.