5 Reasons Why You Should Apply Skilled PR Visa in Canada in 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Apply Skilled PR Visa in Canada in 2019

Are you a skilled professional, who aspire to move abroad for excellent career growth and high standards of living? Well, the immigration scenario is not the same anymore, as it used to be a decade before. Immigration priorities and policies of the key advanced nations have changed drastically. In the last few years, Canada has emerged as the best country to live, work and settle especially for the skilled and talented professionals across the globe. In the recent US News and World Report survey, Canada ranks among the top countries of the world for Quality of life, Citizenship, and education, etc. If you are also planning to move abroad on a skilled PR visa, here are a few good reasons to choose Canada as your destination.

  • Canada is Welcoming

Unlike some of the key advanced nations in 21stcentury, Canada is embracing the immigrants in good numbers. Canadas immigration programs and policies have been lenient toward immigrants in the last few years to say the apt. Express Entry System of Canada is an online immigration system, which is the fastest pathway to get permanent residency in Canada.

  • Skill Shortage in Canada

Canada is on the verge of facing severe skill shortage in view of low population growth and the huge workforce about to retire. To meet the ongoing and forthcoming skill shortage, Canada needs to accept a huge number of skilled and talented people from foreign countries. So, if you are the aspirant of Canadian Permanent residency, this is the high time to apply for the same.

  • Canada plans to allocate $10 million to help newcomers find the job

The government of Canada mulls to allocate $10 million to help the new immigrants find a job in Canada. Reorganization of credential is key issue newcomers often face, which government will now facilitate as per the new plan. The government mulls to release fund up to $10 million for 15 diverse projects, which will help newcomers to find employment in the maple leaf country.

  • Immigrant Serving Organization

The government has launched several Immigrant-serving organizations active in various provinces and territories of Canada, which help the newcomers in the country to find jobs, accommodations, ways to integrate into society and also make them aware about various social security schemes of the government.

  • Multiyear Immigration Plan of Canada

The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has recently updated its Multiyear immigration plan and revealed its annual immigration target of Canada from2019-2021. As per the plan, the government is likely to admit more than 1 million immigrants by 2021, as a permanent resident. With such a huge number of applicants being invited, the skilled professional, in particular, has a great opportunity to book their seat for Canada PR.

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